What we do

Corprate Party

Corprate partys 

Project managment & tecnical design of retreat weekends main event spaces. 

Red Bull F1 party

Red Bull F1 Party

We were asked to suspend a Formula 1 Red Bull car above the altar in Mayfair One church; a very daunting challenge considering the 10 hour installation time, delicate nature of the location and small footprint of the structure. We needed to install a ground support structure 12m high with a 6m x 2m foot print in order to fit the car, video screen and images of the drivers within the space. 

Space Man

Lynx ‘Space Man’ 

As part of Lynx’s promotion to send a person into space a 10m long by 3.5m wide, 3.4 tons astronaut was commissioned to be hung in the Atrium at Westfield London. 

We were bought in to devise a method to hang the Space Man from the glass roof and undertake the installation.

LED net installation

LED Net Installation

Design & installation of a tracking system to allow an LED net to be moved for maintenance at Kings Mall, Hammersmith, London. 

GM Style Dubai

GM Style Dubai

Rigging & Design work for a fashion show for cars set in the Madinat Hotel Dubai. The show included a 30m runway with revolving forestage compatible with the weight of a Hummer recreational vehicle. With limited back stage area a precise blocking of the car movements was designed and incorporated another two revolves. 

Ground Support Truss

Secret Cinema - Dirty Dancing  

Members of our team on behalf of TSL Lighting Ltd, designed the free standing structure that formed the main cinema screen for this out door event in East London. We worked with the existing stock owned by TSL to ensure a viable and cost effective solution for this project. 

Orb Installation

Artwork Installation by Anne Garforth  

Working on behalf of Media Powerhouse. Planning and supervising the installation of this artwork in London. 

SAIL Brussels

Video Screens - Brands at Work   

On behalf of Phil Grief at Brands at Work; Ambar Installations was asked to assist with the planning and site management of a 360° LED screen supported on Layher scaffolding. Our team assisted in the design process acting as an intermediary between the video & scaffold suppliers ensuring the overall result met the original brief. 

Speaker installation 02 Arena

02 Arena Equipment Examinations    

On behalf of SSE Audio; Ambar Installations inspect the speaker systems ad associated suspension equipment.  

Cartier London NBS 2019

Cartier Christmas 

Framework design, fabrication and installation at Old Bond Street in London for Cartier Christmas scheme. Rigging solutions for grade 1 listed buildings.

Lunch on beam - Deliveroo

Lunch on a beam - Deliveroo

Re-creating the iconic 1930's image in New York of construction workers having there lunch over the London skyline. 

Lighting Grid Installation

Lighting Grid Installation 

Temporary installation of a lighting grind at Sunbeam Studios for a private party. 

Trade Show Project Managment

Trade Show Project Managment 

On behalf of Media Powerhouse, Ambar Installations assisted with the on site Project Management of the CIPT event at Olympia. Managing the main Plenary stage, five breakout stages with over 80 presenters over two days. 

Tunnel of Light

Norwich tunnel of light 

Working for Blachere Illuminations members of our team assisted with the design & delivery of the Norwich tunnel of lights. Including overseeing the original installation and metalwork fabrication. 

Corprate Events IMI

Corprate Events

Working with leading events companies such as Silent Associates International and Media Powerhouse; we are regularly involved with the planning and managment of various Corprate Events. 

Harrods Jubilee

Harrods Jubilee

Members of our team undertook the installation on the front of Harrods for the Jubilee celebrations. This included the installation of new fiberglass mouldings around all the ground floor level windows and 2 x  8m high bespoke flag pole, 13m by 4m scenic panels and a pelmet.

Plunge Project

Plunge London by Michael Pinsky 

A commission by Arts Admin to install LED lights at 28 meters above sea-level on three columns in central London: Duke of York column, Seven Dials Sundial Pillar and Paternoster Square column.

Ambar Installations

SSE Audio

Lifting solutions - Tottenham Hotspurs FC

Working with SSE Audio, Ambar Installations was asked to assist in creating a viable lifting solution for the main speaker arrays installed in the stadium. We carried out design due diligence on the sparker framework and consulted on the winch system and lifting process. 

Art Installation

’Across the Buildings' - by Felice Varini 

This project realised the triangular 2d design by Felice Varini onto the three dimensional background of the Kings Cross Estate. The Art installation covered a wide area and required us to work on multiple building each managed by a different party. 

Speaker Installation

Speaker Bracket Design

Speaker brackets 

Working with some of the leading Audio companies we regularly design and manufacture speaker brackets for stadiums and arenas. 

Outdoor Gobo Lighting

Outdoor Decorative Lighting

Festive Lighting on Saint Laurence Church, Reading. On behalf of Blachere Illuminations.

Festive Brackets

Custom Brackets for Festive Decorations
Design, fabrication & installation of custom suspension brackets at a leading london shopping centre for their external festive decoration scheme. 
Brackets designed to retro fit to the building without cutting or drilling into the buildings cladding.    



Tim Roffey was commissioned by TSL to develop a rigging mast system that could be used on their outdoor events. Designed to be compatible with their existing stock of truss and flexible enough to be used in multiple configurations not just a PA or lighting tower. 

ENO Dogs Heart

English National Opera 

Automation solution for the ENO. The Dogs Heart; centre piece of the set is a large wall that is supported on a truss structure, the wall tracks up and down stage and tilts on its centre axis creating each new scene of the show.

Event Rigging

Marquee Rigging Solutions   

We have designed and installed various rigging solutions in temporary structures. 

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